What if nothing exists and we're all in somebody's dream?

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

1. If you need to contact us please send a message via the chat feature on the website (bottom right corner), or through email (support@twistedsquidsdesigns.com) and also through the Facebook Group. I do not accept message requests through my personal facebook.

2. All orders get an email notification that the order was received and another one for when it has shipped. If you have paid via paypal you will also get one from them showing your item has shipped.

* If you don't get these please check your junk folder.
* If you are worried about not receiving the email please make sure you create a login before placing your order so that you can log in and check the status/tracking information of your order.

3. All custom drink orders are usually completed within 10 business days (Monday- Friday) from when the order is placed. All other custom orders will depend on what you ordered (I have tried to leave a completion date in the description). I will give you a heads up if there is a delay in this process.

4. Please allow us time to respond to a message you have sent. We are in Colorado so more than likely there is a time difference. There is no need to send multiple messages on every platform available. We WILL respond as soon as we can.

I process orders Monday - Friday and sometimes I come in and do orders on Saturday or Sunday, but please don't bank on that happening every weekend.

5. All orders are now insured so if your package/items get damaged on the way to their forever home you can file a claim via the USPS website. 

If you do not see something that you are looking for or you saw something on our social media platforms and do not see it on our website, please contact us. We are always adding and subtracting things from our website. 

Please read our Return Policy before contacting us.